december january & febrary

 beginner, intermediate & ADVANCED

We take you to sail where the energy, the wind and the nature are united. We invite you to live this incredible experience of sailing in the Argentine and Chilean Patagonia. The trips are made for those who already have experience sailing as well as those who want to know different points. 

The Destination

We chose the Argentine Patagonia to do our kite trip for the following reasons: Incredible landscapes, its amazing food to the firewood & artesanal beer, and the excellent spots to sail.

The Experience

We invite you to join this incredible adventure, where you will travel the Argentine and Chilean Patagonia visiting the best spots for kite. Patagonia, in particular, is becoming the favorite scene for adventure lovers, who are willing to download good doses of adrenaline.

During the trip we will be visiting high class hotels where we start each day with an excellent breakfast. In addition to kitesurfing, the area allows for the practice of different adventure sports: fishing, cycling, parapets, etc.

This choice is not accidental, since the Patagonian relief presents a high diversity for the practice of these exciting sports. The scenarios are multiple and varied and they are all ideal to let the imagination fly and abandon what adventure has.

Imagine between the endless plains of the pampas, the mighty rivers of the mountain range, the high summits of mountains and volcanoes, and even the deep blue waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. All stages are waiting to be discovered by intrepid and adventurous.

Included services

Food: Half board

Ground and water support (4x4 and boat included)

Wave & Freestyle clinic

North demo kites

Photos & video editing (Drone & GoPro 5)

Guides and support in downwinders

Fruits and soft drinks at each stop

In - Out Airport

4x4 transfer All costs included - 10 Days 9 Nights

Optional services

Gear Rental

Rental Kitesurf North

Lessons & Coaching

Group Trips (4 or more people)

Private Trips (up to 3 people)



1 Night- Dina Huapi

The first kite spot is in Dina Huapi- just 20 minutes from the Bariloche airport. The wind here is present throughout the whole year. ON the first day we will kite between the mountains on Lake Nahuel Huapi.

2 Nights- Villa la Angostura

Angosture is a historical village known for its Alpine-style wooden buildings. The kite spot is situated among some islands in the middle of the lake creating flat water perfect for freestyle.

1 Night- Lake Traful

Next we will visit Lake Traful about a 1 hour drive from Villa le Angosture. The trees are up to 30 feet high and still remain standing underwater.

1 Night- Meliquina

The following night we will sleep in a hostel located in Meliquina. We will kite in the amazing Meliquina Lake.

2 Night- Quila Quina

We will head next to Quila Quina, a small town on Lake Lacar.

2 Nights- Tirua

Tirua is a small town in the Chilean Patagonia where long and perfect waves form in the bays along the coast.



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