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-Travel with the Wind- 

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Brazil has recently become one of the top kiting destinations in the world. With flat water lagoons, river mouths, kilometers of beach with nobody kiting and strong winds everyday. Along the way you will experience the real Brazil. We will travel through small fishing villages meeting the local people. The locals are very friendly and will offer unique and delicious fish dishes. Brazil has a very laid back atmosphere and tranquillity for those who want to relax and enjoy the sunshine. After a long day on the water sit back, slow down and enjoy the Brazilian pace of life. 

The Experience

All your kite dreams are about to come true! Nomade Spirit is taking over- you have no other option but to get on board for this incredible adventure.

For us it is about good vibes, teamwork, respect for nature and living a healthy lifestyle full of adventure and fun.

Everyday of the safari is a unique and unforgettable adventure- we will explore the vast, untouched nature that Brazil has to offer with river mouths, lagoons, deserts, wind, wind and more wind!

You will find yourself submerged in a colourful and special country. The people are warm and friendly and make you feel right at home!

During the trip we will eat as healthy as possible. Brazil offers amazing fresh fresh fruits and dishes pack full of energy. After long days on the water we will relax and rejuvenate among the nature. There is no better way of doing that than watching the colours of the Brazilian sunset.

Kiting Level

This trip is not 100% downwinders. We will spend lots of time at different spots with different conditions including flat water, waves and chop.

If you are not an advanced rider you are welcome on the trip and we guarantee that you will have the time of your life. You will learn from the more advanced riders and can take as many kite lessons as you like on the way!


Wind blows very strong on this part of the world, so we recommend you to bring smaller size kites. You should have 9 (men) and 7 (ladies). If you have an 2 kite sizes definitely bring them with you, so you will be able to kite at any time!

If you have a twin tip board and a surfboard, bring both of them as you will have lots of opportunities to use them both.

Don’t forget your screws, and repair kits just in case something happens! A big board bag that can fit all your stuff will help a lot.

What to Pack

Lycra and sun screen are a must. We will spend lots of time under the Brazilian sun! If you have water sunglasses and a cap it may be of help also. Don’t bring lots of clothing, you will not use it! Just the basics.

The Team

The IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) certificated Instructors will take you around the vast and unknown beaches of Brazil.

Wind nature and salt water are almost as important as the air we breath. Since we started kiting our lives changed. Now its all about the sport we love and sharing it with the kiting community.

We can't wait to share this amazing place with you!


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ATINS (Downwind from Paulino Neves) 



Travel Insurance

Demo Kites 2019

Photos & Video support (Drone)

Water and Land support during Downwinds

Wave and Freestyle clinics

Certified IKO Kitesurf Lessons

Transfer 4x4 all costs included

Guides & Water Support

Breakfast & Refreshments during downwinders stops

CLINIC Wave & Freestyle

Kitesurf equipment in case needed.

In - Out Airport


- Private & Groups trips -



Please don't hesitate to contact us about any doubts or thoughts about the trip.

Thanks already for letting us be part of your adventures.

Hope we can build this memory and enjoy the creation of this experience together.



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